An anxious heart weighs a woman down, but a kind word cheers her up. Proverbs 12:25

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Becoming A Healthier Me - My Gastric Bypass Part 2

 “Happy Birthday!”  I looked up in puzzlement and replied, “What?”  The nurse repeated, “Happy Birthday!”  I said,  “It’s not my Birthday.”  She replied, “Yes, it is – it’s the first day of your new life.  Your life will never be the same again!”  I just looked at her and tried to smile as I winced in pain.    It took a few days to fully understand what this well-meaning nurse meant.  First, I thought maybe she meant that my “plumbing” has been reconstructed to accommodate my now egg size stomach. (I won’t get into the details of the surgery but if you would like more information regarding gastric bypass please visit the following website:  ) .  After all,  my food now travels differently as before and my weight loss will increase  more than through the “conventional” dieting.

Then I thought, no I don’t think that is what she meant.   My life will change beyond the obvious weight loss.  I am looking forward to the multiple changes – both physically and mentally, that will come my way over the coming months and years.  Carrying around so much weight for years has prevented me from participating in so many activities over the years. My obesity has changed the way I viewed life itself.  Yes,  I am indeed looking forward to seeing - no, living through these multiple changes, challenges and positive experiences that will come my way.   One day at a time – one step at a time - my life will never be the same again!

Yes, I truly am looking forward to Becoming a Healthier ME!

Stay tune for more glimpses into my gastric bypass experience:  Post Surgery- Nursing Care/ Rehabilitation; Insights Regarding My Care;  HOME – There’s No Place Like Home. 


none said...

I would love to get this surgery.I have no insurance.

Denise said...

happy birthday beautiful.

An anxious heart weighs a woman down, but a kind word cheers her up. Proverbs 12:25