An anxious heart weighs a woman down, but a kind word cheers her up. Proverbs 12:25

Friday, August 23, 2013

Weight Loss Update

I cannot believe it has been a month since I have last given an update on “Becoming A Healthier Me”. 
Have you ever had one of those months where you seem to be going in different directions and just cannot get your mind to concentrate on one thing for longer than 10 minutes?  Well that seems to be me on a regular basis!  That’s what happens when you have adult ADD….

The weight loss for 2 months since the gastric bypass surgery is 40 lbs.  Total weight loss since January 2013 is 90 lbs.  I am now on my permanent daily diet where I can eat not just protein but also some veggies, fruit and some starch/grains.  It’s still difficult trying to get my entire daily food intake, but I’m okay.  I take my children’s Flintstone’s Multi Vitamins with Iron 2 x a day, and Calcium Citrate, and Vitamin D every day.  Every two months I get a B-12 shot as well.  

I was hoping to begin Water Aerobics this week at our local High School’s indoor pool, but the instructor quit and now the school district has to find another instructor.  So pray they find one quick so I can get into the water and exercise.  I love the water! It is so forgiving on the joints. 

With the weight loss I am walking/standing more around the house.  But a catch 22 – since my knee is damaged (from 3 years ago) and needs surgery (when weight is off) I am in more pain because I am not supposed to bear weight on my knee.  So this is a bit discouraging because I know that walking is one of the best exercises I could do but I cannot due to my damaged knee.  I have been cleared to do abdominal exercises so hopefully I can firm up all this loose skin – With so much weight to loose and my age I suppose I will one day be a “skinny” saggy skin old lady!  HAHA!  

Unfortunately, fibromyalgia and arthritis is no respecter of persons so they continue to cause me difficulty as well.  But my stamina is better with the weight loss so that is good too.  

The average weight loss with gastric bypass is 20 lbs a month, so I am right on target – not bad for someone who cannot walk for exercise, but I know it will slow down if I do not increase my activity so please pray the school district will hire a new instructor for water aerobics.  The have a good group of people who participate twice a week so there is a need (each person pays $3.00 each class, so it would pay for the instructor).  

Of course I could not succeed without your continued prayers.  They are truly heartfelt and I appreciate each of my prayer warriors.  God Bless You All!  

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Denise said...

Praying, and loving you. You are truly awesome.

An anxious heart weighs a woman down, but a kind word cheers her up. Proverbs 12:25